Foodify - Restaurant Food Menu for Shopify

Thank you for purchasing our “Foodify - Restaurant Food Menu for Shopify” App. If you have any questions that are beyond the scope of this help file, please feel free to email via our user page contact form. Thank you so much !

“Foodify - Restaurant Food Menu for Shopify” app is the faster and easier way to order food menu from your online store for the customers.

Just go to “Foodify” (or your created custom page) Page, choose food products, quantity and click on the order button to add the group of food products to their shopping basket. It is the simple way to order various food items in a few seconds. This app helps you to sell more and it is best for wholesale buyers.

“Foodify - Restaurant Food Menu for Shopify” app is fully responsive and includes additional features like dynamic text, color, design and settings to enhance the user experience.

“Foodify - Restaurant Food Menu for Shopify” app is a full-featured and customizable quick order solution that can simply be added to any shopify store. It is very flexible and compatible with many existing app in the Shopify repository. User can easily setup and configure the app into the new or existing Shopify stores.

  1. Login your shopify store in Admin panel.
  2. Hit our App URL and click to "Get App" button.
  3. After install the application Go to “Apps” menu of Admin Dashboard and click on the “Foodify” Apps link.
  4. It will display all the Settings.
  5. Update Liquid > If store's theme has changed, then click on the “Update Theme” button to automatically update theme file to show the app on new theme.
    • Menu > Food Menu > Insert “Menu Title”, Choose/Select your desired collections which you want to show in food menu list. A menu tag will create automatically (collect the tag to create food menu page).
    • Menu > Food Menu Page: > Insert “Page Title”, Menus (insert the tag in a comma separated way which you have found in above step) and insert “Page Slug” (Page slug must be create as URL format, no space and no capital).
    • For clean overview of admin to frontend settings please see the screenshot below:

    • To show the “Foodify” menu as a Link or Page in frontend you need to add a navigation link or link to any other places on your store which needs to point to "/apps/foodify?menu={Page Slug Here}". This link will show the list of all the products you added. To add the “Food Menu Page URL” in the navigation link Go to Online Store > Navigation > Main Menu > Add menu item > and insert Menu "Name" and Food Menu Page URL at "Link" section. Please view the screenshot below:

  6. Set the Page title color, menu title color, menu title background color, menu title alignment from Menu section.
  7. Accordion Settings > Shop owner can customize accordion settings from this section.
  8. Product Image > Select the checkbox if you want to hide product image.
  9. Mini Cart Icon > Upload Mini Cart Icon/Image from here. (Image type should be png format and dimension should be 100px X 100px).
  10. Product Appearance > Shop owner can customize product appearance settings from this section.
  11. Custom CSS (for Advanced Users)  > If you need to add custom CSS then go to “Custom CSS (for Advanced Users)” and add some CSS rules in that field. To upload background image in your food menu page follow the steps. At first go to Online Store > Themes > Edit HTML/CSS > Assets > Add new asset and upload your background image (we recommend you to upload high resolution image). Now again go to apps Custom CSS (for Advanced Users) section and add the CSS here.
  12. Please view the screenshot below to get the overview of CSS format to set the Background image in Food Menu Page: