Shopify Products Badge

Thank you for purchasing our “Shopify Products Badge” Apps. If you have any questions that are beyond the scope of this help file, please feel free to email via our user page contact form. Thank you so much !

Shopify Products Badge is very important and effective App to highlight 'special' or 'new' offers on your products to catch your customer’s attention.

Shopify Products Badge app helps you to increase your product reputation and make your store more attractive with badges inviting your customers to purchase your product.

Customers are naturally drawn their attention to the highlighted information when visiting your store. So, by this App customer can make their interest higher to a specific product when they see a special offer with attractive product badge.

By this App store owner can set Product Badge for any Specific Product with Select any Product Variant and/or for any Collection or for all Collections.

Shopify Products Badge has powerful admin panel with lots of features with dynamic design and conditions.

Shopify Products Badge module is more flexible and compatible with many existing modules in the Shopify repository. This Module is fully customizable. Users can easily configure the module into the new or existing Shopify store.

☛ Show 'On Sale / Discounted Product' Badge

You can create a on sale product badge by mentioning Discount Percentage or Discount Amount. Then the badge will be shown for products which satisfy this condition (the app calculates the discount using product price and compare at price).

☛ Show 'Limited Stock or Out of Stock Product' Badge

You can create and show badge for out of stock products. You can also show badge products which has minimum quantity (defined in badge condition).

☛ Show 'New Product' Badge

You can create a badge for new product by defining a date range. The products which have been added / published during that period will show that badge. You can also mention a threshhold from product publish date. Example: If you set threshhold 10, that means the products which have been published during last 10 days will show this badge.

☛ Show 'Price Range' Badge

You can show badge for all products within a specific price range. For example if you set the range $50 - $100 then the products which has the price within this range will show the badge.

☛ Show badge at different position of product images

You can show the badges at different positions of product image like: Top Left, Top Right, Top Center, Bottom Left, Bottom Right, Bottom Center, Middle Left Middle Right, Middle Center etc.

☛ Show Dynamic Text in Badge

You can show different text / discount amount etc. by using some predefined variable as described below:

##SAVE_PERCENTAGE## : If you add this text in badge like "Save ##SAVE_PERCENTAGE##" , then your storefront will show Save 15%, Save 25% etc.

##SAVE_AMOUNT## : If you add this text in badge like "Save ##SAVE_AMOUNT##" , then your storefront will show Save $30, Save $45 etc.

##PRODUCT_PRICE## : If you add this text in badge like "Price ##PRODUCT_PRICE##" , then your storefront will show Price $30, Price $45 etc (it will just show the price of the products).

##NEW_DAYS## : This will display how many days ago the product was published on you store.

##PRODUCT_SKU## : This will show SKU of the product.

##PRODUCT_QUANTITY## : This will show available quantity of the product to purchase.

  1. Login your Shopify Store in Admin panel.
  2. Now hit our App URL and click to "Get App" button.
  3. It’s a one click installation.
  4. After install the Application Go to “Apps” menu of Admin Dashboard and click on the “Product Badge” Apps link.
  5. It will display “Product Badge”, “Settings” and “Logout”.
  6. Now go to Product Badges > Add New Badge and insert the necessary fields to setup your Product Badge.

Note 1: If badges are not showing properly, please check in the theme.liquid file for "{%include 'sc-pb-25052016'%}" before "<body>" tag line. If this is not found then, add this line following screenshot given below:

Screenshot of theme files code is given below:

Note 2:  If no badges are shown on collection/product page, then 'sc-pb-element' class need to be added.

For Collection: add 'sc-pb-element' class to the parent anchor (<a></a>) of the image where badge should be shown.
For Product: add 'sc-pb-element' class to the image where badge should be shown.

Note 3: For product variant settings you need to add the following code (At first Click on “Template Editor” and find the product.liquid file) just before end of the “function (variant, selector)” function of product.liquid file (If the function does not exist in product.liquid file then find it in the theme.liquid file and put the code in same position as mentioned above). If you can't find it in either of those 2 files, then check in Snippets folder, because some theme placed this function in liquid file (like Apps.js.liquid, App.liquid etc) under snippets folder.


	//start: sc product badge
		if( typeof SCPB.update_variant !== "undefined")
	//end: sc product badge

Screenshot of theme files code is given below:

Special Instructions:

If a store uses the Product Filter & Search app, then add below code snippet into BCSfFilter.prototype.buildAdditionalElements function in the bc-sf-filter.js file.

	if(SCPB && SCPB.bindBadges){