Quantity Break & Tiered Price

Quantity break apps for shopify

Thank you for purchasing our “Shopify Quantity Break & Tiered Price” Plugin. If you have any questions that are beyond the scope of this help file, please feel free to email via our user page contact form. Thank you so much !

“Quantity Break & Tiered Price” app is a shopify module which is use to manage the offer discount for the shoppers based on the number of products they purchase.

This app will help you to promote your online selling and keep your customers encourage to purchase more from your online shop by giving discount.

Discounts are a powerful marketing weapon which allows you to drive customer loyalty and revenue.

“Quantity Break & Tiered Price” app is a full-featured efficient, robust and intuitive discount offer solution that can simply be added to any shopify store. It is very flexible and compatible with many existing app in the shopify repository.

“Quantity Break & Tiered Price” app is a powerful app to manage your special offers of any amount of products. Store owner can easily setup and configure the app into the new or existing shopify store.

Note: Some Themes may require to insert Selectors. These selectors are need to place to the theme’s code. So if you do not know how/where to insert the selectors or if you are not familiar with liquid code changes or need any sort of help then just add install@solvercircle.com as a staff member of your store (If you don't know how to add "staff member" then click here), email us to explain the problems and we will fix the issues for you.

If you want show the "Discount Box" in your cart page then add the following code in cart.liquid file where you want to show the discount box.

	<!--  Start: SC Quantity Break -->
	{% include "sc-quantity-break" with "sc-qb-discount-input" %}
	<!--  End: SC Quantity Break -->

After add this code you should enable the "Discount" option from app settings option of store admin to show the "Discount Box" in your cart page.

As our app uses draft order checkout and shopify's draft order checkout does not take discount code, your customer won't be able to put discount code in the checkout page. In that case, your customer has to put discount code in the cart page. Also, this discount code feature supports some basic discount code features (not all). We mention the supported discount code features by our app in the following.

Discount Code Features:

1. Discount Options

Quantity break app allows the discount code of three types. They are -

It checks also the required minimum purchase.

2. Countries

All countries are eligible to apply discount code by default.

If a list of countries is selected, then customer need to be logged in before checkout.

Otherwise discount code will not be applicable.

3. Usage Limits

The limit number of times discount can be used in total are applicable for discount.

Limit to one user per customer is applicable if customer is logged in.

4. Active Dates

Discount code active dates are applicable. No discount code will be applicable after the End date.