appointment scheduling app

Thank you for purchasing our "Timlify" App. If you have questions that are beyond the scope of this help file, please feel free to email via our user page contact form. Thank you so much!

"Timlify" is a Shopify appointment scheduling app that allows your customer to pre booking appointments for any services directly from your website.

"Timlify" app is a powerful scheduling plugin which has necessary features and user-friendly interface with flexible admin panel.

By this app, your customer will take a quick view of your services and can book a suitable appointment in a specific time and date slot.

This app is suitable for the service professionals like doctor, lawyer, consultant, therapist, tutor, instructor, singer, artist, photographer, stylist and others who need to schedule their time and date with clients through online. You can create your appointment schedule on a particular date and time.

This app is well implemented with all the necessary features that will make the online booking quite simpler and easier for your customer.

"Timlify" app is more flexible and compatible with many existing apps in the Shopify repository. Users can easily configure this app into the new or existing Shopify store.

This section will cover the guideline about manual installation that requires some theme liquid changes. If your app does not work as expected after the installation or you want to implement more improvements then you can try manual installation to fix those issues.

1. Login your Shopify Store in Admin panel.

2. Now hit our Apps URL and click on to Get button.

3. Install the Timlify app.

This app requires few theme liquid file changes for manual installation. The changes depend on theme liquid codes. If you understand liquid logic / codes then follow the steps given below and let us know if you face any problem. Otherwise add install@solvercircle.com as a staff member of your store (If you don't know how to add "staff member" then click here) and email us at install@solvercircle.com, then we will install the codes for you.

4. Go to Themes menu of Admin Dashboard and Edit code of your published themes to install the app.

5. Click on Template Editor and put the Timlify App code in the following files.

Process: Add the following code after Add to Cart button code in the product-template.liquid file under the Sections folder (where you want to show the Appointment / Booking button). If you can't find Add to Cart button code in the product-template.liquid then check under Templates / Snippets folder. Some themes add product page content under liquid file (like product.liquid, product-form.liquid etc.)
	<!--Start: SC timify button -->
	{% include 'sc-timify-1004201725' %}
	<!--End: SC timify button -->

Please see the following screenshot for a clean overview.

6. So your app has installed. Now go to Apps menu of Admin Dashboard and click on the Timlify Apps link.

7. Now configure your settings.

  1. At first go to Apps menu of Admin Dashboard and click on Timlify App link.

  2. Now click on Create New Appointment Activity button to create a new appointment.

  3. After that click on Select Appointment Product.

  4. Here, you need to select your desired product as an appointment item

  5. After select a product, you will find like as following screenshot. Now click on Next button

  6. Now fill up the following fields namely From, To, Available and Status. Finally, click on Save Information button to create your first schedule.

  7. After save all the information your first appointment will be create.

  8. For auto generate the appointment schedule click on Auto Generate button.

  9. You can automatically generate unlimited dates and times booking schedule by inserting information in the following form.