Elgg is open source social networking framework or platform which provides the necessary functionality with advanced user management and administration, social networking, cross-site tagging, powerful access control lists, multiple view support an advanced templating engine, a widget framework and more. It is more than just social networking but includes social bookmarking, blogging, microblogging, file creation and sharing, networking, community, collecting of news using feeds aggregation, groups, wikis, RSS feeds, micro-blogging, e-portfolios etc. If anyone chose Elgg he doesn’t has to rely on cobbling together a mish-mash of stand-alone social media tools, doesn’t has to worry about the security and privacy of data and can provide a seamless environment where members can use a range of social media tools.

If you are looking to create your own social networking application or want to build a site for your organization Elgg is a great choice and SolverCircle Ltd will help you. To run Elgg, you need to have your own web server and a certain amount of technical knowledge and SolverCircle will be the best choice to support you on those matters.