Expressions Engine

Expression Engine is a powerful content management system (CMS) developed by EllisLab that can be used to manage your website and blog. Expression Engine is simpler to use than other content management systems; it requires no knowledge of PHP and has extensive online documentation. Expression Engine is good-looking, authoritative system that is popular with users. It’s designed for individuals, companies and non-profits creating content-driven sites. Expression Engine’s some feature like search term log, template files can be exported as text or zip, powerful search engine, images resizing, uploading and thumbnails within the systems and the photo gallery application is usable and useful. Expression Engine offers many applications built-in to the core files. Expression Engine’s dynamic publishing templating model will satisfy those who appreciate the instant gratification of seeing changes and comments appear instantly. The built-in framework of an Expression Engine CMS will offer an audit trail, captcha verifications, content approval, email verification and granular privileges. Login history is also included and the system is SSL compatible.

Expression Engine is different comparing to other content management system, because it is flexible, feature-rich web publishing system which is easily manages website. And SolverCircle team does the Expression Engine implementation for you very carefully.