Interspire Shopping Cart

The Interspire is PHP based open source e-commerce software with most feature rich, all in one shopping cart. The Interspire shopping cart provides SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to the products of an online business. It offers the opportunity to sell online to a global audience in an exceedingly cost effective way. The Interspire shopping cart provides different designs, payment and shipping features. In this product there are also some in-store and marketing features included. In this shopping cart all common functions for store and order management are setup.

Interspire licensed shopping cart allows search engine optimization features like search engine friendly links, heading tags, alt tags and per product and per page title tags etc. This shopping cart features a built in content management system to confess easy publishing of website content including web pages, promotional banners and coupon codes. Interspire shopping cart provides constant upgrades and latest edition of their system. Higher version includes the ability sell on eBay and also mobile commerce, mailchimp integration, shopping comparison export, pre-orders, min/max order quantity and more.

The Interspire shopping cart actually provides everything you need to sell online and draw attention more customers using the power, reach and affordability of the Internet. The software is very effective and provides a secure and safe e-commerce platform.

The features of the Interspire shopping cart are (from Interspire official Website)

• Completely browser based
• Drag & drop layout editor
• Fully SEO optimized by experts
• Mobile commerce
• Min/max order quantity
• Easy-to-use store control panel
• Multiple logins with permissions
• Refunds & store credits
• Tabs on product pages
• Sell your products on eBay
• Amazingly flexible tax system
• Per-product inventory control
• 90+ designs included
• Easily customize your design
• Agree to terms to checkout
• Shipping zones & options
• Sell in multiple currencies
• Gift wrapping & messages

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