Kohana is an open source MVC (Model-View-Controller architectural pattern) PHP5 software development framework. It is fully object oriented. Kohana php framework allows highly organized coding standards with a rich set of components. It helps php developers to build dynamic web applications faster, secure and more effective. Kohana helps to create cleaner code and save time for bug searching.

Kohana PHP framework provides a set of built-in objects and classes. It comes with built-in XSS protection, and can also use HTMLPurifier as an XSS filter. All data inserted into the database is escaped using database-specific functions and all POST, GET and COOKIE data is sanitized to prevent malicious behavior.

Kohana PHP Framework has some very good features that make it different from all other php frameworks. There are some similarities between CI (CodeIgniter) and Kohana. Kohana strongly supports search engine optimization features and provides search engine friendly URLs. Kohana provides a set of libraries, helpers and third party classes and good documentation for the web developer. Code maintenance and team work is easy in Kohana framework for MVC architectural pattern. Kohana PHP is a standard software programming platform for dynamic web applications.

There are some features of Kohana from the official Kohana web site

• Highly secure
• Extremely lightweight
• Short learning curve
• Uses the MVC pattern
• 100% UTF-8 compatible
• Loosely coupled architecture
• Extremely easy to extend

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