Magento is a popular open source e-commerce software platform. It is incredibly well architectured, fully flexible and scalable. Magento is simple to configure and easy to customize. Magento requires more design and development expertise than some other platforms or carts. Magento enjoys all of the opportunities for growth and expansion that any popular open source solutions does. Magento relies on a theme based structure that separates layouts, templates, and skins. The structure is similar to the popular open source blogging tool, WordPress. It comes with a number of online shop maintenance capabilities.

Magento has some advanced features like marketing, promotional and SEO tools, analytics and reporting; mobile commerce, catalog-management tools. It manage multiple websites and stores from one administration panel and product catalog. Its another feature web services API to make it easy to integrate third-party tools. Magento users have the freedom to customize their store with new themes, templates and plug-ins. Its Flexible coupon rules give you the ability to create numerous campaigns and buddy coupons.It has extensive analytics and reporting options, self-generating site map option and newsletter management.

Magento is an excellent eCommerce platform. Magento’s administration interface is fine. For the full advantage of Magento, developers need a knowledge of Apache web servers, MySQL, SOAP, PHP, XML, XHTML, and CSS.

Now a days it gain more and more popularity among Web designers and e-business owners. If you’ve thought about creating an online shop, Magento is your choice because it is the fastest growing eCommerce solution in the market.