MongoDB is a new open source, document oriented, scalable and high performance Database. It is significantly faster than MySQL database for reads and writes. MongoDB is written in the C++ programming language. It is extremely reliable and one of the progressively demanded databases. MongoDB is designed to handle document-oriented storage.

In MongoDB you store JSON like documents with dynamic schemas rather than storing data in tables and rows. The intent of MongoDB is to bridge the gap between key value stores and traditional RDBMSes. MongoDB maintains many of the great features of a relational database like indexes and dynamic queries. MongoDB is highly flexible. By using BSON (binary JSON) developers can easily map to modern object-oriented languages without a complex ORM layer.

There are some features of MongoDB as given in their website.

• Document-oriented storage (JSON-style documents with dynamic schemas offer simplicity and power).
• Full Index Support (Index on any attribute, just like you’re used to).
• Replication & High Availability (Mirror across LANs and WANs for scale and peace of mind).
• Auto-Sharding (Scale horizontally without compromising functionality).
• Querying (Rich, document-based queries).
• Fast In-Place Updates (Atomic modifiers for contention-free performance).
• Map/Reduce (Flexible aggregation and data processing).
• GridFS (Store files of any size without complicating your stack).
• Commercial Support (Enterprise class support, training, and consulting available).

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