Network Installation and Maintenance

SolverCircle ensures better network solutions and maintenance. The company provides network design, server setup, ensuring security issues including virus protection and firewall setup. To know about our Networking project.

SolverCircle has years of experience and a highly qualified networking consultants. You can assured that your network will be configured for maximum performance, stable, secured, solid, expandable and feature rich network designed to make your company more productive. Their computer networking solutions will help you to improve your network’s reliability and performance. SolverCircle can help you to determine which network is right for you, install the network, train, assist you in network maintenance and architect the network environment that fits your company’s needs.. They can develop a system that fits your current needs and allows for growth.

If the information that you store on your computer is important and a data loss would be detrimental, then it is time to store all of your data on one central server. SolverCircle can build a server customized to your specific needs and install the server on your network. SolverCircle network design services are installing, supporting, customized network design, high performance information technology solutions and ongoing system maintenance for PCs and servers.

Network Installation and Maintenance Services SolverCircle Provides:

  • Local area network (LAN) and wide area network (WAN) design, installation, implementation, integration and maintenance
  • Installation, maintenance, integration, upgrades and migrations of servers
  • Regular maintenance programs
  • Design and installation of email services, internet security solutions, back-up systems and firewall installation and configuration
  • Off-site testing, troubleshooting and maintenance of network
  • Gap analysis
  • Onsite network administration
  • Remote network administration
  • Data backup and disaster recovery solutions
  • Data center integration
  • Technology upgrades
  • Project management
  • Implementation and design of network infrastructure (routers, switches)
  • VMware and remote access solutions
  • Business anti-virus and anti-spam solutions
  • Desktop rollouts and deployments
  • Virtualization technology solutions