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Effortlessly request custom quotes and streamline your shopping experience.

YouQuote: Request a Quote Form simplifies the process of requesting a custom quote from any product or collection page. With features like adding items to a quotelist, creating draft orders, and easily editing and applying discounts, it’s never been easier to get the personalized pricing you need. Plus, our comprehensive admin dashboard allows shop owners to view and search through all quote requests with ease.

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Get the best deals with ease.

Simplify your shopping experience and get the best deals effortlessly. With YouQuote, you can easily submit your wish list or quote list to shop owners and receive personalized quotes tailored just for you. No more hassle of searching for discounts or negotiating prices – let us handle it for you.

Streamline your quoting process and close more sales.

Don’t waste time going back and forth with customers on pricing. With YouQuote, you can easily manage quote requests and send professional quotations with draft orders directly to customers. Streamline your quoting process and close more sales in less time.

Get the customized quotes you need with ease.

Don’t settle for generic quotes. With YouQuote, customize your quote form to gather all the information you need from your customers. Easily add or change fields to ensure you’re getting the exact details you require. Get the personalized quotes that meet your specific needs without any hassle.

Unlock the power of personalized quotes and streamline your sales process.

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